Meet Your Massage Therapist

When I began training to become a massage therapist, it was my goal to develop a practice centered around pre-natal massage.  Having had a tremendous amount of hip pain throughout my own pregnancy and having received relief through pre-natal massage, I knew there was a need for the work and that I would be able to empathize with my clients.  As I moved along through my classes, I realized the world of massage was much bigger than I could have imagined.  At first, it seemed like each new technique I learned about was my new favorite and going to be the thing I built my practice around.  While I still have a personal connection to pre-natal work,  my practice now focuses on using  a variety of techniques to work with chronic pain and the connection between the mind and held tensions in the body.  

When I am not in a session with a client you can find me with my young son on any one of a dozen playgrounds in town, making my way through the ever growing list of culinary hot spots in Nashville, or in a continuing education class learning about a new technique I can incorporate into my practice.



One thought on “Meet Your Massage Therapist

  1. I recently saw Rachel for a prenatal massage and had a wonderful experience. She catered to my individual needs, was kind, friendly and professional. She took extra effort to make sure I felt comfortable. I highly recommend her and appreciate her service!


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